Upgrade? Yes.

  1. We have corrected a lot of things.
  2. Corrected awards counting.
  3. You can store your photos or qsl scans in Wlod_log now.
  4. You can see maps for countries, continents.
  5. You can store and play your audio files.
and many more.

How will I do that?
The most important thing before upgrade is to have all archives in safe place on your disk.
There is no need to export all items.
It is enought to export log, regions,email addresses and directories.
We've got new island and towns files to download.
You can save your data via "main settings" panel. Select every item one by one and click "export" button.
This is very important to import items you want one by one. Not only "archive".
After that you'll find all files in C:\Wlod_log\Archive folder.
You need to save your directories, too.
The same thing. Select "directory" and click "export".
It will be saved as directory.mdb file in C:\Wlod_log\Archive directory.
There is one question during importing log to new version. Click "ok" button then. That's all.
The rest you can import in usuall way. Select an item and click "import" button.
Same thing with directories. Select "directory" and click "import" button.
Check if everything is correct. If you'll find all your data correct you can use Wlod_log, now.
I suggest you to import log and regions, only.
Download new islands and towns. It is corrected.