All Access files are for those with Access 97 version installed.
If you're using Access 2000 then you have to covert them to A2000 version.

DOWNLOAD Wlod_log ver. 5.3

               Click here to download   Dated: 06.07.2003

If it doesn't start - use this download link instead

Here you can download previous - 5.2 - version

We have decided to set password for all files from this page.
If you wish to have the password just mail us and all we ask is your callsing and name.

(One password for all files)

If you have Wlod_log already installed you can download these files:
We've got over 40000 islands database. Thanks to Dave 161AT191 !!

Islands database is property of Dave 161AT191.
You are not allowed to use these data in other way without his permission.
All IOTA section in Wlod_log is dedicated to our friend Franco 1AT002

Thanks to Dave 161AT191
Dated: 31.05.2004

Thanks to Dave 161AT191
Dated: 31.05.2004
Thanks to Dave 161AT191
Thanks to Dave 161AT191
Dated: 19.05.2001
Thanks to Wlodek 161AT318
Dated: 18.02.2001
Thanks to Wlodek 161AT318
Dated: 07.08.2001
Thanks to 14ED090 and 14RC092
Dated: 17.09.2002
Download Wlod_log screensaver

Maps of all prefixes for Wlod_log are available on Wlod_log CD only

We suggest you to use Go!zilla to download all files.
This will help you to reasume broken downloads and it's for free
Visit Go!zilla homepage

Remember to unzip those files to C:\Wlod_log\Archive directory. Use WinRar to unzip those files.
After that you can import those data via "main settings" panel.
Remember to not import if you have your data already. Some data may be double.
For example if you decide to import our new files with islands you need to delete old one and import these new. You'll have to mark your confirmed contacts again.

It is possible to get CD with Wlod_log install version on it.
In return you'll receive the CD with the most actuall install version for Access 97, all databases and maps of all prefixes.
Most of them are high quality detailed maps.
Cost is 10zl for people from Poland or 5$ or 5 Euros for the rest of Europe.
Mail costs included.
Contact with us for the details, click here.


If you decide to import new islands then you'll have to mark all your confirmed islands again.
Those islands files above are brand new, corrected.
Regions and towns are the same so you can leave those from previous versions

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